With over ten years of performing and teaching experience, James Sattler, an accomplished artist, performs various styles of music. James finds himself playing shows literally anywhere to suit any occasion or genre and has been trained by some of the best musicians local and abroad. Spending most of his early twenties studying music with various teachers in places like William Paterson University, NYC, The University of Limerick Ireland and much more. He began performing at the early age of 19 and continues to entertain people to this day. Playing a vast amount of music, James has experience with  many different genres. Along with Classical Violin, James is a trained Irish/ Bluegrass/ and Rock Fiddle player and can improvise for hours with or without a band setting. Another instrument James plays is Guitar. He incorporates his vast musical style and soulful voice to accompany any venue, being it a wedding, cocktail hour, private party, or a proposal. Through the years, James has been able to share his music with people and has enjoyed every step of the way. Thanks for reading, see you at the next show!

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